Finnish-India-Society continues to arrange different events for our members and society. Close co-operation has been maintained with other prominent associations and societies around Finland and Embassy of India by participating in their events or jointly organising relevant events.
Here is the list of such events with some nice pictures from recent months:

Suomi-Intia-Seura participated in World Village Festival

World Village Festival is Finland’s leading event for global action for the whole family, an admission free cultural festival, a food carnival and a trade fair for sustainable development. World Village raises global challenges and solutions, increases people’s understanding and provides concrete ways to take action to create change. World Village brings people together, because only together we can change the world. Festival’s core values are diversity, inspiration, equality, responsibility and communality.

Folklore 2024

On the occasion of 75th anniversary year of Suomi-Intia-Seura Ry and 75th year of India and Finland diplomatic relationship, Suomi-Intia-Seura celebrated Folklore 2024 on 18th May 2024.

Theme of Folklore 2024 was to showcase Treasures of India to celebrate Wedding tales of India. The event was organised in collaboration with KulttuuriEspoo at Otaniemi Lukio in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland. The event was very successful with a very positive feedback. Approximately 1200-1500 visitors attended the event.

Suomi-Intia-Seura participated in Yoga Festival Helsinki on March 2nd-3rd, 2024!

Yoga Festival was held at Kaapeli for the 11th time! The event brings together yoga and other wellness enthusiasts, explorers, and professionals under one roof.

Yoga Festival Helsinki is the largest yoga and wellness event in the Nordics, with approximately 4000 visitors annually.

The theme for Yoga Festival 2024 was INSPIRATION.

It was a fantastic opportunity to explore various forms of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, pilates, and other fascinating wellness themes.

Matkamessut 2024

Matka 2024 largest travel fair in Northern Europe was held in Messukeskus Helsinki and from 18th-21st January 2024. On Saturday January 20th at 13.00 Suomi-Intia-Seura was at “Meet at the World” Stage in Hall 7 at Matka 2024. Shefali Arora, our President and Ritva Koukku-Ronde, Ex-Ambassador of Finland to India shared travel tips and experiences of travelling to India. Following the presentation there was a wonderful Chari dance performance from majestic & beautiful land of Rajasthan – by Dance group Nachbaliyekollectiv and Dance Group Etnica. Name of the dance performers: Saija Heinonen, Mari Moilanen, Amanda Mäkimurto, Annette Suvilehto, Jenni Izadi, Saara Virkkunen, Sannamari Minkkinen.

Suomi-Intia-Seura had their own stall number 7ky2 in hall number 7 during all four days from 18th-21st January, 2024.

Kiitos Suomi

Tuesday 5/12/2023 A festive Thank You Finland event was organized at the Maunula House in collaboration with Africans and African European Association (AFAES), Finland-India-Seura (Finnish-Indian Society) and Women Designed for Success, Sierra Leone Consulate Planning Office Finland and Earth Angels of Finland. The event celebrated and rewarded such Finnish individuals, organizations and companies that have contributed in a significant way to the well-being and integration of immigrants. There was a fashion show, talks and experiences on integration. Trip to Finland – stories about integration -discussion included Berivan Suleima, chosen as a refugee of 2023 among other things. During the evening we also heard speeches from societal influencers, such as Sari Essayah, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and Li Andersson, the chairman of the Left Union. The evening was crowned by a concert of Frankosu and the Family. It was not a political event and the entry to the event was free.

Diwali 2023

The Finnish-India Society organized a traditional Diwali celebration on 11 November 2023 at the Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu, SYK, in Helsinki. The celebration was made possible with help from numerous volunteers, who together decorated the venue and prepared for the event. The event included an exciting cultural program, fun filled games, delicious Indian cuisine, games, and lots of fun.

The event was sold out and was attended joyfully by almost 700 guests, performers, and volunteers. Warm thanks to everyone, together we made a memorable event. Welcome to participate in next year’s Diwali celebration which will be held in November 2024.

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a vibrant and joyous celebration that holds a special place in the hearts of millions. Widely observed in India and by the Indian diaspora around the world, Diwali typically falls in October or November. The festival symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Homes and public spaces are adorned with a dazzling array of lights, diyas (oil lamps), and candles, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of colours. The atmosphere is further enriched by intricate rangoli patterns adorning doorsteps, crafted with coloured powders, rice, or flower petals.

One of the hallmarks of Diwali is the spirit of togetherness it fosters among families and communities. People come together to share delicious meals, exchange sweets, and revel in the joyous ambiance. Traditional Indian sweets, known as “mithai,” are prepared and distributed, adding a delightful sweetness to the festivities.

Gift-giving is another cherished tradition during Diwali, symbolizing the exchange of love and goodwill. Families and friends exchange presents as a gesture of affection and appreciation. Fireworks and firecrackers light up the night sky, creating a spectacular visual display that adds to the festive spirit.

Diwali is not just a religious festival but a cultural celebration that transcends boundaries. It brings people of diverse backgrounds together to celebrate the universal values of hope, positivity, and the triumph of light. The significance of Diwali goes beyond its religious roots, resonating with people worldwide as a symbol of joy, unity, and the enduring power of goodness.

International Yoga Day

Finnish-Indian Society participated in the celebration of yoga day by organizing the world’s northern most yoga event on the slopes of Ounasvaara, Rovaniemi, and an event in Kerala, South in India. Both events were on June 21, 2023. In Ounasvaara, the event took place in the light of the nightless night. Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle was well prepared to receive a yoga greeting from Kerala.

In Kerala Finnish- Indian Society partner is a Helsinki based NGO SCV, Snowcastle Valley  in partnership with SISP Sebastian Indian social project working in the southern part of Kerala in the Kovalam area.  The yoga was conducted by teacher Radhakrishnan Ramakrishnan and joined by the students of the second change education in SISP.

Folklore 2023

Folklore 2023 is organized by Suomi-Intia-Seura Ry to discover the folk arts and the traditions of India. We are one of the oldest friendship associations, which is now on the path of celebrating 75th Anniversary. The purpose of this “The Treasures of India event” is to showcase folk art & traditions of India’s rich culture & heritage. First Folklore event was organized on Sunday 21 May 2023 in Espoo International School, Lillhemtintie 1, 02250 Espoo. Entry to this event was free. Event was a full day event from 10:00-17:00.  

High level schedule of the event: 

10:00-13:00: Wellbeing workshops: yoga workshop, Art workshop, Music workshop, Food stalls, Artwork exhibition & displays. 

13:00- 15:30: Stage show in the auditorium: Folk performances 

15:30-17:00: Wellbeing workshop: Ayurveda, Art workshop, Music workshop, Food stalls, Artwork exhibition & displays.

Theme of Folklore 2023 was Festivals in various states.  We had Food stalls for authentic traditional food from various states of India. There was a team of volunteers who were working dedicatedly to plan & execute the event. There were about 100+ performers performing in the event and 750+ visitors visiting in Folklore 2023. 

AGM – Spring Annual General Meeting of Finnish Indian Society was held in Helsinki on 18 April 2023 in Oodi Central LibraryThese were the main topics on agenda for the meeting: 

  • The annual report and financials for previous year were presented and accepted.  
  • Board had made a proposal for revision in some of the articles of bylaws. Those changes were discussed and accepted. The revised bylaws will be forwarded to Patentti- ja rekisterihallitus.

Ayurveda for Nordics – In continuation to official agenda for spring GM, there was a speech by Ayurveda expert Dr.Bhawna Sharma about ayurveda. The main theme of speech was benefits of ayurveda in Nordic weather and dietary advice.

Tampere’s Market of Possibilities held on 18.5.2023 at Väinö Linna SquareThe Finnish-Indian Society participated in an event organized by FINGO in Tampere, where non-governmental organizations presented their activities. Our society was present at the stand of the Union of Friendship Associations in Finland, and we presented our activities. Even though the weather was changeable, 900 people visited Väinä Linna square. Despite the light rain, the atmosphere was warm and cheerful, as you can tell from the pictures.

World Village Festival (27-28 May 2023) – World Village Festival attracted a crowd of 27,000 on Saturday and 22,000 on Sunday to Suvilahti, Helsinki. Organised for the first time at the Suvilahti site, the civic influence festival was a great success and boasted a sunny and laid-back atmosphere.  

Organised since 1995, World Village Festival is a sustainable development festival that hosts debates on current global topics and encourages people to take action for a more sustainable future. Bringing together tens of thousands of people and hundreds of organisations, the free international event was organised at Suvilahti, Helsinki, from 27 to 28 May 2023. This year’s theme was Force for Change! The main organiser is Finnish Development NGOs Fingo, an umbrella organisation for around 270 development organisations. Fingo and its Member Organisations work to make life fairer – everywhere. The festival’s main partners are the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Maailman Kuvalehti magazine

“The festival’s theme, Force for Change, was highlighted really well and there were so many impressive and touching moments. Personal stories about how individuals and communities are able to make a difference and succeed in changing the world were hugely captivating and provided food for thought,” says Korpi. The exhibitor stands were busy throughout the weekend, the 50 food vendors sold thousands of dishes and the Kids’ Corner was very popular. 

Finnish-Indian-Society, was involved in the event throughout the weekend with its own stand, which was visited by a large number of festival guests interested in India. The board members presented the club’s activities and shared information about India. On sale were books about India, food tastings and the opportunity to get a Henna tattoo.